Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Fleece

Embroidered Throws

The fleece was on sale, so I bought a yard of each color.  I thought I'd be able to make fleece tops, but a yard wasn't quite enough, so I just made throws, serged the edges, and did a little embroidery on each.  The little cat is for our new grandson, due to enter this awesome world in the beginning of January.  Our first grandson, after five granddaughters. 

Embroidered Fleece Tops

I went back to the fabric store and bought a little more fleece, enough to make two tops for our two older granddaughters.  I made a pattern a long time ago and have used it again and again.  With my serger, these only take about a half hour to make.  The embroidery is done by my machine, which stitches away while I do something else.  I only have to be mindful to change the colors of the threads.  I guess it's a little like having a stand mixer that kneads the dough for bread while I do something else!

Our Christmas Table

We had a lovely Christmas, with not quite as big a group as we generally have.  I like that because it's possible to engage in more conversation.  And since our house is kind of small, we don't feel quite so crowded.  Even so, as I look at this image, the table seems to stretch on for miles!

I'm looking forward to a productive and blessed new year. 

And I can't wait to hold my new grandson in my arms!

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