Sunday, October 21, 2012


After much fussing and frustration, I finally have a banner image that is sized to my liking.  Thank you Grace, for your advice.  I took a bunch more pictures, all horizontal, and this is the result.
Golden Cherry Tomatoes, still going strong
Hydrangeas, still in bloom

Fall Colors

My favorite old French Lavender Plant

Fall is always so beautiful in all its brilliant splendor as well as the more subtle muted shades that are still so vibrant.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


After many months away, it was time to revisit Roof and Floor.

I thought a new header image might be a good start.  Redoing the colors might also give a fresh look to the page. 

The new face of Blogger was a bit of a challenge at first.  Where was the apply changes button??  Searching on the help line (which is very helpful), I was directed to the upper right corner of the template page, but all I saw was a pale yellow box.  Not until I clicked on it were the words visible: apply changes.  My eyesight is pretty good, but this was a daunting challenge as I squinted closely at the screen.

But my greatest challenge has been the image placement in the header.  No matter how I've cropped or resized, the image invariably comes in vertically when I want it to be horizontal.  I finally decided to simply resize the image so now I have a huge blank space where I wish my image could fill.

I welcome any advice that might fix this!  Help!

Meantime, here are some images of my first successful effort at drying hydrangeas without losing their color or texture.  Kimmie led me this way: wait until the blooms are leathery and almost done, then strip the leaves and put the blooms in a vase without water.

These started out blue, but turned this vibrant purple as they finished their season

Dried and in a vase on my desk

Closeup of dried bloom

Since I destroyed my camera by leaving it our in the rain, I've been using my iPhone 4s, which takes remarkable pictures, but may be the reason I can't manipulate the images--even if i've done so in the phone.

I am utterly baffled by this problem and welcome any advice...