Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There!

Lilies Among the Weeds

I’ve been so focused on the vegetable beds that I sort of turned my back on the rest of the garden—especially the area behind the very large lavender plants.  It’s kind of hard to get into that area, though we planted some dahlias there in April in place of three roses that didn’t make it through the long cold winter.  At the time, it was early enough in the season that the weeds were not yet very aggressive.   I guess they kind of snuck up behind me and now finally, I have had to face what has become a jungle of weeds.
Are those peonies behind the lavender?...

The weather has been very cooperative for this kind of daunting task, sunny and cool with a light breeze.  I dragged out the biggest yard waste container, donned my trusty gardening gloves and marched out to do battle with the weeds.  Trace followed, ball in mouth, ready for this new game.
He has to drop the ball right at my feet, and if he doesn’t get it close enough, he picks it up again and drops it closer.  Sometimes the ball rolls into the brush and he has to retrieve it and gently place it right by my hand.  I throw it without really looking where it’s going, but he knows and catches it usually before it even hits the ground.  Then he’s back for another toss.  It’s a game for both of us that makes the yanking and pulling of weeds a little more fun.  As I toss a big handful of forget-me-nots or feverfew, Trace can be showered with all the debris.  But he is persistent and always determined that we will continue to play this game of toss—be it ball or weeds.
Rose that was lost in Forget-me-nots

In the process, I discovered a lovely rose that had been completely hidden, yet somehow survived the choking jungle that engulfed it.  The peonies were tangled with morning glory vines which threatened to pull them down to the ground.  
Peonies, Freed of Morning Glory Vines

I wanted to save the California poppies where I could but they were enmeshed with forget-me-nots.  The big fennel plant is bigger than ever, and I’ll leave it alone because I love the seed and the fragrance reminds me of California.
Doing Battle!

After a full day of this, I filled not only the big yard waste bin, but also my wheelbarrow and another large bin.  And I’m only about halfway finished.  I waited too long.  As I was focusing on the vegetables, the weeds marched along, devouring everything in their path.  And, of course, I know that as I finish this area, I will turn around and have to start all over again in another part of the garden that I thought I had finished weeding.  Through it all though, I can see that the weeds have not entirely won. 
Iris, stronger than any weed!

 There is enough going on in the garden that will always be pleasing, in spite of the jungle out there.  
This rose has lost its tag, but oh, so beautiful and fragrant
Raspberries fruiting.  Yumm!


  1. everything looks so pretty in spite of weeds :)
    isn't it nice to find things hidden .... it makes me think of the book "The Secret Garden"

    now you just have to train that smart dog to pull out weeds too :)

  2. It all looks great to me. So hot and dusty here, hard to get much to grow, and can never, ever keep anything clean. I have two balconies and if weeds grow, I'm happy -- at least it's something green. :) Happy day to you, Tammy

  3. your garden is lovely
    pesky weeds seem to grow in any and all conditions trying to take over the place!

    Happy Gardening and T Tuesday